The LITE book of Nozbe

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The LITE book of Nozbe

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Thinking of buying the The little book of Nozbe?

Unsure if the little book of Nozbe is what you are looking for? Feel free to take a look at this Lite version. Get a feel for how the full version will help you learn to use Nozbe like a PRO!

The obvious goal of an e-book excerpt is to give you, the reader, a taste of what the full book holds. This usually equates to the first few pages of content, as an author hopes it’s enough to impress you to buy the full version.

However, for me, that offers no real value for the reader. I’d like to offer a little more. So, this is a larger than usual excerpt to give you a real taste of the full version.

If you are a new Nozbe user, the excerpts from Chapter 1 - The Nozbe Basics, contains three key sections to help you on your Nozbe journey.

  • Section 1 - Inbox
  • Section 2 - Projects & Labels
  • Section 3 - Categories

For more seasoned Nozbe users, the excerpts from Chapter 4 - Workflows that Work, will show you how I use Nozbe effectively and efficiently.

Of course, there is a lot more to the full book!

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A Lite excerpt version of The little book of Nozbe.

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