The little book of Nozbe


Easily learn to use Nozbe like a pro!

'Wow, the definitive guide to @nozbe' 

Michael Sliwinski (@MSliwinski) CEO Nozbe.

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The little book of Nozbe is the perfect resource for anyone new to Nozbe or for the experienced user. Over 100 pages that detail how you can get more done with handy syntaxes, keyboard shortcuts and advanced workflows that make expert use a breeze.

Nozbe is the ingenious solution on all platforms that helps you get stuff DONE. There are tons of tools and apps that let you PLAN your day. Nozbe helps you get all those plans accomplished on any device.

The little book of Nozbe includes:
  • The Nozbe Basics - Master the basics of Nozbe fast!
  • Extra features - Move up a gear using Nozbe to its full potential.
  • External Applications - How to use external apps effectively with Nozbe
  • Working with others - Sharing Projects and working with team members
  • Nozbe Workflows - Helpful Tips and Tricks to help you get more done from experienced users.


This book helps anyone stay on top of tasks. Easily organize your personal and professional lives for greater accomplishment and more enjoyment. Best of all, being organized helps you relax for a healthier you.

No, Nozbe is not a the cheapest productivity service. It can be a bit of an investment. That's why every Nozbe user needs The little book of Nozbe to get the absolute most out of your subscription.

Now anyone can become a Nozbe power user! 

NO RISK - Money back guarantee.
If you find the book has not improved your Nozbe productivity I will happily refund your purchase. No questions. Just my thanks for taking a look.

Feedback from delighted customers!

D. Allen
Marcus, thank you for writing this helpful book for Nozbe. I learned a lot. There are few helpful tools on this important management tool. I appreciate the time you took to offer something so valuable. Thank you!

L. Anderson
The book is AWESOME!!
It’s exactly what I needed to FINALLY get my Nozbe act together!!
Very well written, very well laid out.
Easy to follow. Great job!!

A. Yee
Overall, I was very glad to have the book. I learned new tricks while reading it, which was fun. I appreciated the humor you injected at various spots - it made the book feel human and not simply a technical manual.

B. Shannon

So far this book is very well organized. It feels to me to be the guide a newbie would want. At the same time, if you are very familiar with Nozbe, it isn't boring, because I think the software is used so many different ways that we can all learn a new Nozbe technique and BEcome even more Naturally OrganiZed.

V. Myers
Reading this has shown me how much I under-utilized Nozbe. There are Nozbe features that I was aware of but never realized how to use them to ‘up my game’ in terms of productivity.

Adam Volosik -
Wow great book! You really went into detail on how to use Nozbe. I'm honored that you have included me as an influencer.
Thanks again the book is really a great resource. 

Mac Lake -
Thanks again for the copy of the Little book of Nozbe. OUTSTANDING! I loved it. You covered all the basics which is helpful for a newbie. But you also gave some real GOLD for experienced users. I am walking away with at least 8 takeaways I will integrate right away as a Nozbe user.
Thanks for inviting me into this and for adding value to me as a leader.

Jonathan Hassell - 82 Ventures LLC
This book is fantastic. I literally learned something on every page. Nozbe is fairly easy to learn, of course, but there is a ton going on “under the hood” that you have exposed here in this book. Worth every penny.
I’ll be buying a copy when you put it on sale! Thank you very much for letting me preview.

This product is not currently for sale.

+100 page PDF digital download e-book designed for Tablet or PC, to make you a Nozbe Pro user!

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The little book of Nozbe